Objective of Mandal

About Us
  • To spread literacy and education in arts, science, commerce, technology, mechanics or any other useful subjects with a view to improve and advance physical and mental abilities and faculties irrespective of sex or age and for that purpose to start, maintain, aid, assist and help by contribution of funds, subsidies or rendering any services of any kind whatsoever, institutions, schools, colleges, universities, clubs, associations, societies, study groups, classes, seminars, exhibitions and museums.
  • To establish and maintain or otherwise assist, aid or help any body, agency or society by contribution of funds or moneys or otherwise rendering any other services with the help of which persons may secure or in any other ways undertake such activities to help persons in securing employment, business, profession, occupation or vocation or means, tools, help, assistance, advice or knowledge useful and advance in or for the advancement or improvement of such employment, business, trade, profession, occupation or vocation and to do all such acts and undertake all such activities with a view to eradicate poverty and unemployment.
  • To open clubs, hold seminars, meetings, debates, melas and entertainment programmes or to form groups or bodies and to celebrate festivals and auspicious days with a view to impart and spread culture & cultural knowledge, and education and to foster feelings of unity and fraternity for mental, physical and cultural advancement, development and uplift of the general public.
  • To aid and assist persons distressed by floods, famines, earth-quakes or by any natural or other calamity by contribution or charity or rendering any services.
  • To establish and maintain reading rooms, libraries, and recreation centers for the members of the general public and particularly for the fulfillment of the objects.
  • To collect contributions, funds, moneys and other cash or kind and other help whatsoever by all fair and legal means for the achievement of all or any of the objects of the society.
  • To aid, assist, help and co-operate or amalgamate with the societies having similar objects.
  • To create reserve funds and to establish trusts and to purchase or build or construct or maintain or sell any movable or immovable properties for the benefit of the general public for the fulfillment of its objects.
  • To do all deeds, acts, things and activities which are necessary, directly or indirectly, ancillary or incidental for the fulfillment of the above objects.

Area of Operations

  • The area of operational activities of the Mandal, shall be the geographical area of Greater Mumbai & Mira Road (East) PIN - 401107.
  • The Mandal's area for social, charitable and humanitarian services and for services and assistance in case of natural and other calamities etc., shall extend to the whole of India.
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