Managing Committee

Maheshwari Pragati Mandal - Mumbai

All Mandal activities are conducted under the Broad guidelines & supervision of Managing Committee whose strength shall consist of not more than 42 members.

Out of the 42 members, 27 members are elected and of the said 27 members, 21 are from the Zones (Kshetras) (i.e., having his/her place of residence in the respective zone), as given below:


  • South Mumbai 3
  • Central Mumbai2
  • Andheri3
  • Goregaon3
  • Malad3
  • Borivali3
  • Ghatkopar2
  • Mulund2

Remaining 6 members are selected from any zone/zones. Of these 6, atleast One is a Lady member and One a Youth member

To become eligible for Managing Committee member, one need to either a member of the Managing Committee or Board of Trustees for one full term in the past, or he need to be a member of any Committee of the Mandal - Central or Zonal - for at least Two full terms in the past.

The tenure of the Managing Committee are usually for a period of 2 years from the date of its election

The Managing Committee normally hold its meeting at least once in a calendar month.

Powers & Duties of Managing Committee

  • All constitutional and executive authority of the Mandal vest in the Managing Committee.
  • Apart form general powers conferred by law and provisions contained in the Memorandum of Association and the Constitution of the Mandal, the Managing Committee have the following powers :
  • To carry on the activities of the Mandal in furtherance of its objects and for strengthening the organisation.
  • To borrow money for the objects and purposes of the Mandal. Theresolution of the Managing Committee passed with a 2/3 majority of the members present and voting shall be necessary for borrowing otherwise than against the Bank Fixed Deposits of the Mandal.
  • To appeal for, and accept, donations / contributions in cash or in kind in furtherance of the objects of the Mandal.
  • To invest surplus funds of the Mandal as permissible under the provisions of applicable laws.
  • To donate funds of the Mandal to Trusts having objects similar to that of Mandal.
  • To acquire assets and to maintain and deal with them.
  • To frame capital and revenue budgets.
  • To appoint Honorary and / or paid officers, staff and employees, and engage the services of Legal Advisors, Counsels, Chartered Accountants, Architects, Engineers, Consultants and Professionals, agencies / agents and attorneys to carry out the affairs of the Mandal and to fix their remuneration.
  • To appoint committees and/or bodies and prescribe their duties, responsibilities, powers and areas of operations.
  • To alter and/or vary the age of "Youth" .
  • To delegate any of its powers to Office Bearers or committees consisting of members or others as it considers fit and proper.
  • To frame rules and regulations and guidelines from time to time to conduct the affairs of the Mandal.

Managing Committee may also

  • Prescribe forms and records and lay down the manner in which the accounts shall be kept and records maintained.
  • Prescribe the duties, responsibilities and functions of the officers, staff and employees.
  • Open and operate banking accounts of various types with bank or banks as it may think fit and proper.
  • Lay down rules of conduct and discipline.
  • Formulate and prescribe forms and procedures for conduct of elections and frame rules and regulations relating and/or incidental thereto.
  • Formulate and prescribe procedure for conducting and regulating the meetings.
  • Publish "Saraswani" and/or other publications as may be deemed necessary and appoint editor / editorial or other staff for the purpose
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