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Any Maheshwari , known and recognised as such, and who has completed Eighteen years of age on the date of making application for the membership of the Mandal, shall be eligible to become a member of the Mandal provided he or she is living his/her place of residence in the areaof operational activities of the Mandal.

Likewise, any Maheshwari, having Eighteen years of age, shall be eligible to become an Honorary Life Member of the Mandal in accordance with the criteria and procedure prescribed in this Chapter.

However, the membership of an applicant for the membership of the Mandal shall be effective from the date when the Managing Committee approves his/her application and, in case of Honorary Member, the prescribed majority of members in General Meeting approve his/her name, for membership

Member Type

Patron Member

A Maheshwari who has become a Patron Member shall continue to be the Patron Member. However, no new member under this category after the approval of this Constitution.

Life Member

A Maheshwari, making an application in the prescribed manner and paying membership subscription of Rupees One Thousand only may become a Life Member. The Managing Committee. may, from time to time, increase or decrease the life membership subscription.

Ordinary Member

A Maheshwari who has become an Ordinary Member shall continue to be the Ordinary Member, on payment of a renewal membership subscription of Rupees Two Hundred Fifty only, every year. However, no new members shall be admitted under this category after the approval of this Constitution.

Honorary Life Member

Any Maheshwari having record of public service, or who has given or giving benefit of his knowledge or services to the Mandal or Society as a whole, shall, at the recommendation of the Managing Committee and by approval of two-third majority of members at the General Meeting, be an Honorary Life Member. It is also not necessary for such a person to make an application for membership and such person need not be a person having his/her place of residence in Greater Mumbai.

How to become Member

  • A Maheshwari desirous of becoming a life member shall make an application in the form prescribed by the Managing Committee duly filled and signed by him and proposed by a member and shall pay the prescribed subscription. The Managing Committee may approve or reject an application for membership without assigning any reason thereof.
  • Mandal shall maintain a register of members
  • Youth member shall be a member upto 35 years of age.

Member resignation & cessation

  • A member may resign from membership by giving resignation letter in writing and signed by him personally which shall be effective on acceptance by the Managing Committee.
  • A member shall cease to be a member on death.
  • An ordinary member, at the discretion of the Managing Committee, shall cease to be a member on non-payment of renewal membership subscription.
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