• A Socio Charitable Trust/Organisation established 61 years ago in the city of Mumbai.

  • This is the only social organisation representing more than 4,000 Maheshwari families residing in the Metropolis city of Mumbai.

  • The Mandal family has a current strength of more than 7,500 members.

  • 650 active members including 250 Ladies and 150 Youth are in carrying of the activities through the Board of Trustees, Managing Committee, 8 Central Samitis, 8 Regional Samitis, 8 Regional Ladies Samitis, 8 Regional Yuva Samitis, 5 Bhavan Management Samitis, Medical Assistance Fund, etc

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Just like every flower has a unique fragnance, every community has its own traditions and values that are reflected in its members. Ultimately, it is our values that define who we are and what we will pass on to our future generations.

Come, connect with your community and help serve the Society.
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