• A Socio Charitable Trust/Organisation established 61 years ago in the city of Mumbai.

  • This is the only social organisation representing more than 4,000 Maheshwari families residing in the Metropolis city of Mumbai.

  • The Mandal family has a current strength of more than 7,500 members.

  • 650 active members including 250 Ladies and 150 Youth are in carrying of the activities through the Board of Trustees, Managing Committee, 8 Central Samitis, 8 Regional Samitis, 8 Regional Ladies Samitis, 8 Regional Yuva Samitis, 5 Bhavan Management Samitis, Medical Assistance Fund, etc

  • Places utmost importance on the Unity of the organisation and functions based on democratic principles, by taking all members together.

  • Nearly 150 programmes are organised every year by various samitis.

  • Equipped with all modern amenities, Maheshwari Bhavan at Girgaum, mainly provides accommodation at concessional rate to outstation Samaj Bandhus coming for medical treatment.

  • A huge 5 storeys Bhavan admeasuring 40,000 square feet is available at Andheri, Link Road for organising weddings, spiritual discourses & other auspicious events by Samaj Bandhus.

  • Open Plot admeasuring 36,000 square ft. is available at Borivali for members to organise various social events.

  • Provides assistance to under privileged Members for their sustenance through ‘Radha Krishna Lahoti Smriti Kosh.’

  • Provides financial assistance for medical purposes to under privileged members through Chikitsa Sahayata Kosh.

  • Provides assistance to people affected by natural calamities such as drought, earthquake, floods, etc.

  • Collects Donations from Members every year and distributes the same as loan to students for educational purposes.

  • Provides financial assistance through Videsh Shiksha Kosh to students going abroad for higher studies.

  • Fully sponsoring students’ education under ‘Students Adoption Scheme’.

  • Distributes Note Books at concessional rates to school and college students every year.

  • Organises Members get together, Cultural Programme and felicitates bright students with gold and silver medals every year at Annual Day Celebration.

  • Distributes every year pure Saatu Churna and other products at cost price, on the occasion of Badi Teej Festival.

  • Operates Homeopathy clinics at Ghatkopar, Andheri & Girgaum, physiotherapy centre at Andheri and has installed water coolers at Ghatkopar, Goregaon and Borivali as General Welfare Schemes.

  • Provides financial assistance in Tribal areas to children for educational and medical purposes and distributes products useful in schools.

  • Organises a get together once in every four years of members and their families.

  • Communicates with more than 7,500 Members through Mandal’s monthly magazine – ‘Saraswani’.

    There are several legends about the origin of the Maheshwari community but the one generally accepted places the date of their origin as about 4,000 years prior to the Vikram Samvat. Once upon a time there was a king called Khadaksen who ruled Village Khandela (near Jaipur). The kingdom was well administered under the able and efficient administration of King Khadaksen. The people of Khandela loved their King very much & lived in peace and harmony.

    The King had 24 wives. He had everything he wanted except a son who could take over his throne when he grew older. The King worshipped saints and to get their blessings he performed a big Yagya. Being impressed the saints & holymen blessed the king with a son but warned him that the son should not go towards the north side till his age of 16.

    Shortly one beautiful day his 5th wife Queen Champavati gave birth to a beautiful boy. The child was given the name of Sujan Kuvar. The whole kingdom of Khandela celebrated the birth of Rajkumar Sujan Kuvar. He grew up well trained the arts of Administration & Weaponry.

    Some years later young Sujan came in religious touch with the Jain Religion and accepted it completely. He started destroying Hindu temples and building Jain temples in their place.

    One Day while he was on his way for hunting with his 72 Rajput soldiers he came across Sadhus (holymen) at performing Yagya. He ordered his men to destroy the Yagya immediately. The Sadhus were enraged and cursed the King and his Rajput soldiers such that they were all converted into Stones.

    When this news reached the now elderly King Khadaksen, he died of sorrow. The Kingdom lost their its king. 16 queens committed Sati and gave away their life as per the then prevalent tradition.

    Chandravati, the wife of Sujan Kumar along with the wives of the 72 Rajputs went crying to the holy saints and begged them to forgive their husbands. The Saints gave these wives a Akshay Mantra by which they could impress God Shiva & Goddess Parvati. The wives gave up their homes and started staying in caves with the sole goal of chanting the mantra. Finally Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati were impressed by their devotion & love for their husbands and gave back the lives of Rajkumar Sujan & the 72 Rajputs. At once all of them came to life as if they were awakening from a long sleep. Getting their life back all of them went to Lord Shiva and prayed to him to forgive their sin. Lord Shiva asked these men to give up their weapons and violent way of life and begin a new life as Vaishya i.e. businessmen and not Kshatriya. He blessed these men to form a community which would have his eternal blessing – Maheshwari – which when translated means the Boon of Lord Shiva. However, the soldiers were hesitant to accept their wives since they still belonged to the Kshatriya caste. At this point Parvati Mata said "All of you take four parikramas around me and whoever are wife and husband their gathbandhan will be joined automatically and they will get married into the Vaishya community". At this everyone did so and they were re-joined as Vaishya husbands and wives. Even today four feras (parikramas) are done outside the wedding Mandap during Maheshwari weddings as a reminder of our origin. Lord Shiva gave his blessings to the seventy-two Vaishya couples on the 9 th day of Jyesth Shukla Paksh in the 9th year of Yudhisthira Sanvat. On this day newlywed brides and grooms are encouraged to worship Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati puja so that they can be blessed with children and live a happy and joyous life eternally.

    Each of the 72 Rajput couples constituted a separate Khanp and in this way seventy-two Maheshwari khanps or Surnames were created. After this five additional Khanps were also added.

    Culture and Special Maheshwari Festivals

    As far as religion is concerned the Maheshwaris worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Certain special rituals and festivals are observed by them too. A rite which has great significance for the women is called Baditeej. It is celebrated on the third (Krishnapaksha) of Bhadrapada of the Vikram. Samvat year is the time when women fast and pray for the longevity of their husbands and unmarried girls pray for good husbands. Only the men cut peenda after which the women perform puja and break their fast.

    Gorja or Gavraja is celebrated on the third day of Chaitra (Sudi) when Shiva and Parvati are worshipped. Unmarried girls worship the goddess Gorja with gulla (the inside of green grass) for sixteen days and married women worship her for eight days with doob.

    Maheshwaris celebrate Raksha Bandhan twenty days after the usual date of its celebration on the fifth of the second half of Bhadrapadand. It is known as Bhai Panchami or Rishi Panchami.

    Jaystha Sukla navami of the Samvat year is celebrated as Mahesh Navami to commemorate the birth of the Maheshwari community when Lord Mahesh (another name for Lord Shiva) is worshipped.

  • In its journey of 61 years, Maheshwari Pragati Mandal, Mumbai has set-up Bhavans in different areas of Mumbai for the service of both Mumbai based Members and for Visitors coming from out of Mumbai, at reasonable and affordable costs.


    Equipped with all modern amenities Maheshwari Bhavan situated at Girgaum, mainly provides accommodation at concessional rate to outstation Community members coming for medical treatment also accommodation available for other purposes

    Facilities available at this Bhavan and their booking details are as follows:

    Sr. No. Description Rules Duration
    1. I Flr. Hall & Terrace For Members maximum 12 months in advance. For others ? a) 8 am to 2 pm (First Shift)
    b)4 pm to 10 pm (Second Shift)
    2. III & IV Flr. (Total 10 Rooms) Available only for members for Medical Treatment -
    3. V to VIII Flr. For Members of 2 to 6 rooms, 12 months in advance days prior to check-in -
    4. 10 / 20 Rooms (Group Booking) For Members maximum 12 months in advance 8 am to next day 8 am (24 Hours)


    A 5 storey Bhavan admeasuring 40,000 square feet is at Andheri Link Road for organising weddings, spiritual discourses & auspicious events of Community Members and their families and friends

    Facilities available at this Bhavan and their booking details are as follows:

    Sr. No. Description Rules Duration
    1. I Flr. Hall + Ground Flr. + II Flr. + III Flr. (West) (Total 20 rooms + Kitchen of both floors) 1 to 3 Days Members : 12 months
    Others : 4 months
    2. IV Flr. Hall + Terrace + One room on III Flr. (East) 1 to 3 Days For All : 12 months
    3. I Flr. Hall + Ground Floor + 9 rooms on II Flr. + Kitchen (It is mandatory to book first floor for minimum of One Day) 1 to 3 Days Members : 6 months
    Others : 4 months
    4. IV Flr. Hall + Terrace + 11 rooms on III Flr. + Kitchen (It is mandatory to book fourth floor for minimum of One Day) 1 to 3 Days Members : 6 months
    Others : 4 months
    5. Entire Bhavan 21 Rooms + 2 Halls + Ground Flr. + Terrace 1 to 3 Days Members : 12 months
    Others : 4 months
    6. Second Floor (9 Rooms, Kitchen and open space) Or III Flr. (11 Rooms, Kitchen and open space) 1 to 3 Days For All : 2 months
    7. I Flr. Hall + Ground Flr. 1 Day For All : 2 months
    8. I Flr. Hall + Ground Flr. Or IV Flr. + Terrace one shift of 4 Hours For All : 1 months
    For All : 15 Days
    9. Single Room 1 to 3 Days For All : 15 Days
    10. Only open space on II or III Flr. (Excluded Rooms) 1 Day / Shif For All : 1 month
    11. Ground Flr. or Terrace 1 Day / Shif For All : 2 days
    12. Only Room Numbers 210 / 211 & 312 / 313 As per requirement Tatkal
    • First Floor & Fourth Floor available only up to 10:30 pm.
    • The Bhavan is available for auspicious ceremonies like Wedding, Marriage Anniversary, Birthday Party and other similar occasions.
    • Subsidised rates are provided for Spiritual Programmes, Bhagwat Katha, Discourses, Teaching – Training, etc.
    • Rules and regulations are applicable at the time of use will prevail.
    • For additional information, tariff, etc please contact the Manager of Andheri Bhavan.


    • Plot admeasuring 36,000 sq.ft. includes 2 AC Rooms with attached bathrooms
    • The Plot is available for auspicious ceremonies like Wedding, Marriage Anniversary, Birthday Party and other similar occasions.
    • Booking in advance.
      a) For members : 12 Months
      b) For others : 6 months


    • AC Hall – 750 sq.ft.
    • AC Room – 180 sq.ft. with attached Bathroom
    • Open terrace – 1,300 square feet
    • Homeopathy Clinic – 100 square feet


    340 sq.ft. (Carpet) AC Flat with Bathroom, on Ground Floor is available at Mahesh Nagar.


    Name Telephone Email Id
    Girgaon Bhavan 22061815
    2200 5026 / 27 / 28
    (Ext. 101)
    Andheri Bhavan 2637 4253 / 56 / 57
    2630 2209
    Borivali Plot 2833 7526 -
    Ghatkopar Bhavan 2506 0626 -
    Goregaon - -

Maheshwari Pragati Mandal, Mumbai functions through its Central and Regional Samitis. For better administration, Mumbai : has been bifurcated in eight Zones.

  • South Mumbai
  • Andheri
  • Goregaon
  • Ghatkopar
  • Central Mumbai
  • Borivali
  • Malad
  • Mulund

More than 650 volunteers including about 250 Lady Volunteers and about 150 Youth Volunteers are carrying on the activities of the organization through Nyas Mandal, Managing Committee, 8 Central Samitis, 8 Regional Samitis, 8 Regional Ladies Samitis, 8 Regional Yuva Samitis, 5 Bhavan Management Samitis, Chikitsa Sahayata Kosh etc.

Details of Samiti members may be accessed here:
  • Every year Mandal Organise under the banner of its committees conducts about 200 programmes in Greater Mumbai

  • Every year meritorious students are honoured at Annual Day Function organized by the Mandal.

  • Every Year Mahila Samities organized distribution of “Satu Choon” at Cost Price at the women’s festival of Badi Teej.

  • Once in four years a Grand Mega Snehmilan is organized for all members of the Community where about 8000 persons attend and enjoy the events throughout this day.

  • Conducting various religious & social functions for Ladies e.g.

  • Special programs for the benefit of members in the fields of Health & Medical, Eye Checkup Camps, Special tie up with Hospitals for concessionary services for health & other checkup,

Services to Society/Nation
  • Mandal is alive to the needs of the Country during National Calamities and has made contributions during Latur Earthquake, Gujarat Earthquake, Orissa Cyclone, Kargil War, Kerala & Mumbai Floods, drought in Rajasthan and Marathwada etc.

  • Every year Mandal distributes exercise note books to members at subsidized price. Some Samities distribute free Note Books to needy students at Municipal Schools.

  • Drinking Water Fountains – Pyau – are operating and managed for common man at Borivali, Girgaon, Ghatkopar

Facilities for members
  • Girgaum Maheshwari Bhavan – Renovated Bhavan caters to the needs for accommodation for persons coming from out of Mumbai for medical treatments. Also has a Hall for social functions.

  • “Maheshwari Bhavan” Andheri West – about 40,000 sq. ft. available for use for marriage and social ceremonies etc since 2005

  • 36,000 sq. ft. Plot available for use at Borivali West.

  • Ghatkopar Bhavan Homeopathy Clinic is running for needy patients.

  • 340 square feet (Carpet) AC Flat with Toilet, on Ground Floor is available in Mahesh Nagar, Goregaon

  • Tie-ups with hospitals and diagnostic agencies for medical discounts to Members

Student Loan/scholarship
  • Radhakrishna Lahoti Memorial Fund – Caters to the needy persons for financial assistance for livelihood

  • Chikitsa Sahayata Kosh - Caters to the needs of persons who require financial assistance for medical treatment.

  • Students Scholarship Samiti – Collection of funds from Community Members and distribution as Loan or Scholarship to needy students of Maharashtra and Rajasthan

  • Loan for Students going abroad for higher studies are also given as financial assistance.

  • There is a Students Adoption Scheme wherein needy meritorious students are adopted and given full financial help for 3 to 4 years till completion of education.

Connect with Members
  • Monthly News Letter “SARASWANI” is published which contains all activities of Mandal.

  • Publishes “Janaganana” or “Parivar Parichay Book” covering Maheshwari families of the zone by regional Zonal Committies at regular interval providing complete info about Maheshwari family, contact details & business details.

Maheshwari Samaj is in the forefront of country’s various organised and progressive Societies. It occupies a unique position amongst the nation’s other Societies due to its vast and multifarious specialities / qualities. The salient features of Mandal’s Vision about Maheshwari Samaj in the 21st Century are as follows:

1. Social Completeness

The Samaj to protect and preserve its traditional culture, values, faith and dignity while adopting need-based changes to continue to march forward towards social completeness.

2. Family Co-ordination

The Samaj to have family happiness, love, respect and trust for each other and to be a part of each other’s happiness and sorrows. Also, to have an inspirational environment all-around, particularly to make life of Senior (Aged) Members of the family happy and peaceful.

3. Health

The Samaj to follow the time-tested belief that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and undertake purification of mind, body & soul by practising Yoga, Exercise, Follow rules of Nature and have Pure and Nutritious diets as also regular Health check-ups.

4. Education

There should be an environment of encouraging individual capability and expanding capacity in the Samaj so that every child - male or female – gets the best education according to his/her potentials, to suit the needs of changing scenario.

5. Traditional Values

The Samaj to follow/inculcate traditional human values, time-tested social traditions and culture-oriented “Teej” and other festivities so that it continues to remain least affected by the wide-spread distortions and disturbing trends all around.

6. Youth and Females

The Samaj to have a wide-spread participation of Youth and Ladies in the Social activities so that it can protect and preserve its traditional values, customs, faith and dignity, etc.

7. Depleting Population

Depleting population has, of late, surfaced as an issue of concern in the Samaj. Bearing this in mind, each household to actively observe its family planning appropriately, so that Maheshwari Samaj continues to be unique eternally for the cause of not only national service but also for the service of the humanity at large.

8. Economic

Economic activities are at the root of KARMA of Maheshwari Samaj. Therefore, in the World of Commerce, even in the changing scenario, the Samaj to continue to observe pious principles and work ethics so that it can achieve all-round success in the Economic World and be prosperous.

9. Abolition of Superstitions

The Samaj to become free of superstitions and be rational. The abolition of superstitions and rational behaviour will enable it to face the challenges of generation gap as well.

10. Service to the Man-kind

Service to the Man-kind The Samaj to become capable, physically and economically, so that it continues to play a leading role in the service of the humanity with appropriate contributions in various ventures of public importance and also in natural calamities.

Just like every flower has a unique fragnance, every community has its own traditions and values that are reflected in its members. Ultimately, it is our values that define who we are and what we will pass on to our future generations.

Come, connect with your community and help serve the Society.
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